Documentary film

I like to make films about culture, social issues, traveling or about history.  As series for TV or independent, as short or feature length.

The land of stone towers

documentary film about Czech developing aid and hard life in Thuseti region in Georgia. Czech TV and Czech development agency.


Papua New Guinea: Two worlds

6 parts TV serial – work in progress

The first generation of scientists from the wildest world island – sorcery and electronic microscope. Czech scientist as viewers companion exploring world of first educated „ cannibals‘descendants“.

P1210275 click on second trailer

Six-parted serial (part 26 minutes) will introduce one of the wildest country in the world, Papua New Guinea. Czech entomologist professor Vojtech Novotny one of the most successful central European ecologist, who will be guided viewer through stories of his colleagues from Papua New Guinea and his own. His colleagues the first educated generation of “cannibals’ descendants”. We will introduce stories of people between neolithic and 21st century, between mobile and sorcery, science and faith, Christianity and old tradition.  Science as a link connected people and cultures but our serial is not only scientific.

Every part is dedicated to one character, one specialist and his story. Every part is from different place of PNG island, different tribe, different tradition. We will follow young scientists from laboratories to their original village. The change from 21th century specialist to the warrior in tribal war. We will see villages, mountains, seaside, magic rituals, hunting, tropical gardening in rain forest. We want to get as close as possible. We want to explore their mind, the life and thinking between two worlds.

Professor Novotny is traveling between PNG and Czech Republic more than 15 years. He established Binatang Research Station there, one of the biggest local scientific and education institution. How is his life, between Central Europe and tropical island? Life without family, only with science? He will be our guide, mediate between two worlds.  One part will be focused on two young biologists and their first travel to Europe. The mirror of our civilization.

The serial adventurous travelogue, sociology, anthropology and scientific popularization.


  • Support of Czech TV, 26.000 euro
  • Support of Academy of science CR
  • Partnership with Binatang Research Center on PNG
  • Coproduction (Bratři s.r.o. )
  • Unique insight into mind and life of PNG inhabitants, unexpected contrasts
  • Summer 2016 shooting, autumn 2016 postproduction,    2017  broadcasting 

Diary on the road  

documentary film for NGO Inventura about special theatrical group

Diary on the road

Diary on the road








On the roads of Madang/

Na cestě po Madangu – Papua Nová Guinea

Popular TV travel show for Czech TV,  trailer

Na cestě po Madangu

Na cestě po Madangu

ImproEvents Prague 2013

dancing film about workshop and performace


ImproEvents Prague 2013

ImproEvents 2013

Walter Serner

Experimental short DADA film

Walter Serner

Walter Serner








Filmmaker, Fan, freak

Docuemntary film about Josef and his passion for animation, theatre and about his handicap.

Film was nominated for Pavel Kouteckys´award for documentary film 2011

fanousek web 1

Meet Factory

documentary film for Czech TV about artistic community in Prague

cerny meet f

Meet Factory










Death – part from 4parts seria Parallels of creativity

Jaroslav Dušek, science, art and death

smrt web

Death – Parallels of creativity










The light of understanding

concert, music in synagogue and in church


The light of understanding 2011











Students film about ethnographer Pavlína Brzáková

Pavlina Brzakova

Portrét Pavlíny Brzákové










ImproEvents 2012 – dancing workshop


ImproEvents 2012









  Filmmaker,Fan, freak –  Trailer

fanousek web 3











 Vydra – song of Jan Budař

Vydra klip

Vydra klip

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